Great experience, spirit of innovation, constant striving for self-improvement, long-term research and personnel’s know-how – these are the secrets of Roboplast, which main goal is its customer’s satisfaction.

The fact that the company is one of the leaders in the thermoformed plastic packaging market allows customers to have high requirements for the final product and each new request is a challenge for a company for which “impossible” does not exist.
Roboplast guarantees attention to details, quick and flexible response to the needs of its customers and readiness to search for tailor-made solutions. Thanks to this and diligent care for the highest quality of its packaging, the company is in possession of the following certificates:
– UNI EN ISO 9001:2008;
– UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.

Moreover, it is not without significance that recycling and rational waste management are the company’s priorities in the whole production process. Roboplast recovers raw materials form derivatives and processing waste, uses material from plastics collection and reduces the use of new resources.

Environmental protection is not a passion, it is not a trend, it not event an obligation. It is a necessity for present and future generations. Everyone loves the environment, nobody is willing to make sacrifices or give up profit to protect it. Roboplast converts respect for the environment into actions that enriches the environment without polluting or depleting resources.

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