“Tailor-made products”

The greatest advantage of our company is the creation of a “tailor-made” product. We are able to meet the expectations of almost every customer in the confectionery or meat industry.

Flexibility and adaptation to changes are the hallmarks of our company. The experience gained over the years allows us to offer our customers project support from the moment the idea for packaging appears to its implementation. Then we start the implementation procedure, which consist of the following stages: 3D drawing, 3D printing, prototypes, and production attempt. All stages are possible thanks to the availability of our technical facilities and are held in constant contact with a customer, who has the opportunity to submit their comments and amendments at any time. Finally, we provide our customers with a personalised, tailor-made product.

In this process thickness, dimensions, composition, colour and quality of materials are the factors that are decisive in the various stages of the treatment of products. At the same time, they are the source of problems that Roboplast faces and solves every day during thermal forming. We support our customers when it is necessary to change or modify existing packaging improvements.

We can offer products from any thermo-formable material, e.g. PP, OPS, PLA but definitely our strongest advantage is the extrusion and thermoforming of PET material.

We offer a wide range of colours, from standard transparent trays to metallic, gold, silver or coloured shades and all shapes. The only limitations are the dimensions of the mould, which are 750x540x140 mm and the material thickness: from 0.15 mm to 1.2 mm.