Roboplast possesses a years long practice in thermoforming of various types of plastic containers and packs. In this process the thickness, Technika-Roboplastthe composition, the colour and the quality of the materials are key factors at different stages of the product elaboration. At the same time they create problems, resolved by Roboplast every day during the process of thermoforming.
Making use of their abundant experience, the company’s specialists know which proprieties a PET layer should possess in order to enable its later machining and so that the final product could pass an even tougher exam – gain the client’s acceptance, indispensable for the production process to begin.

IMG_8464Plastics used by Roboplast in the thermoforming process are: A-PET, PP, OPS, PVC; typology: food-grade, finishing: transparent, metallic, golden, silver or colourful. The only limitations regard the dimensions of the form, that is 750x540x140 mm and the thickness of the material: from 0,15 mm to 1,2 mm.

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