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The mission of the design department is to create a packaging model chosen by the customer as the best for their product. At this stage, the company supports the supplier, suggesting solutions and designing the optimal shape of the packaging in terms of highlighting the advantages of every single product. Years of experience and high abilities of our designers, supported by cutting-edge devices, permit to convert customers’ wishes into the most versatile and creative form and finishing.

Upon receipt of the order, Roboplast takes over the complete internal working associated with creating and producing a new packaging. From this moment, the designers from the technical office are involved in creating projects and 3D model projections. After the client’s acceptance, they become prototypes, then the patterns are subjected to the final test – packaging trial. Simultaneously to the work of the technicians elaborating the prototype and creating the drawpiece, in another department the raw materials are being prepared to be subsequently transformed in the packaging ordered.

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